One-click donations Accept donations from your fans.

Bravo lets your fans show their appreciation for what you do. Bravo makes it easy for your fans to donate toward your work—either as one-time donations or as recurring contributions. Concentrate on what you do best and let Bravo do the rest.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? First, go to our sign-up page ; create your MMBR account (we'll need some basic banking information from you so we know where to deposit funds) and then choose Bravo. That's it. After that, a detailed step-by-step guide will make this quick and easy for you.


  1. Click on Bravo > Campaigns > New campaign
  2. Give you campaign a Name, Tagline, Description and thank you message. A strong pitch can go a long way to creating a successful campaign!
  3. Put in a statement descriptor as this will appear on your supporters' credit card statements.
  4. Upload an image that is good quality, appropriate and approximately 256×256 .png or .jpg. Submit.

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY Get an overview of your campaign by how many active supporters you have and net earnings. Your campaign will be public, meaning it will appear on the Bravo gallery page ( If you wish to have your campaign active but hidden on the Bravo gallery, Edit > check Hide this campaign from the public directory.

ADD A BADGE TO YOUR WEBSITE If you have a website you can add a badge for people to quickly checkout your Bravo campaign. 1. Go to Badge within your campaign. 2. Copy the HTML code and paste into a code block on your website. Compatable with Squarespace,,, Virb and Weebly.

SOCIAL LINKS Add links from various social media platforms to appear in your Bravo campaign. This will help supporters view your current creations and follow you.

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