Course monetization Earn money from your Moodle™ courses.

Prerequisites 1. You'll need a Moodle™ server and ability to install 3rd party plug-ins. 2. A Foxtrot MMBR.IO account verified for payouts. 3. The Moodle-approved Foxtrot enrolment plug-in. Download

The Moodle™ approved plugin will handle enrolments. A guest to your Moodle site may create a user account and then choose to enrol in a course… this is where Foxtrot comes in. Foxtrot will, when configured, prompt the user to make a one-time payment or pay monthly. One-time and monthly payments are settings you control at the course level.


Once you have the Foxtrot plugin installed on your Moodle server:

    1. Go to the Foxtrot tab (top of page)
    2. Go to Summary (left of page)
    3. Find and copy the Public Key (eg. mmbrio_pk_xxxxxxxxxxxx) because you're going to paste it in a few steps
  1. Sign into your Moodle server (with Admin rights)
    1. Click “Site administration”
    2. Click “Plugins”
    3. Go to scroll down to Enrolments and click “Manage enrol plugins”
      • the URL should end with something like: …/admin/settings.php?section=manageenrols
    4. You should see “MMBR.IO Enrolment Plugin” now… click “Settings”
      • the URL should end with something like: …/admin/settings.php?section=enrolsettingsmmbr
    5. Paste the Public Key you copied in step [1c]
  2. You're done. Now set the pricing!


Once you have the Foxtrot plugin paired to your MMBR.IO accounts:

  1. Sign into your Moodle server (with Admin rights)
  2. Click on an existing course under the “My courses” section
  3. Click the “Actions” button (gear icon) in the top right
  4. Click the “More” button at the bottom of the list
  5. Click the “Users” tab
  6. Click “Enrolment methods”
    • This is where you'll add the Foxtrot plugin method
  7. Click the dropdown beside “Add method” and choose “MMBR.IO Enrolment Plugin”
  8. Now it's up to you to make some decisions
    1. One-time payment or Monthly subscription
    2. Price for the enrolment
    3. The currency that MMBR will charge in
    4. Click “Add method”
  9. You're done!