Course monetization.

Foxtrot (a MMBR.IO product) is a secure payment system designed specifically for courses on the Moodle™ platform. Foxtrot allows you to easily add fee and tuition collection to your existing online Moodle courses.

The Moodle™ approved plugin will handle enrolments. A guest to your Moodle site may create a user account and then choose to enrol in a course… this is where Foxtrot comes in. Foxtrot will, when configured, prompt the user to make a one-time payment or pay monthly. One-time and monthly payments are settings you control at the course level.

Things you'll need

  1. You'll need a Moodle™ site and course and a user with priveleges to install 3rd party plug-ins.
    1. The Moodle™-approved Foxtrot plug-in:
    2. Your site must be registered with (it can be either public or private)
  1. A verified MMBR.IO account.
    1. Create a MMRB.IO account
    2. Your Foxtrot Public key. This key will be used to connect your MMBR.IO account to your Moodle site.

Installation summary


  1. Create free account at
  2. Verify and complete payout details at
  3. Set up Foxtrot (the MMBR.IO product designed for Moodle™) and view your Public key (eg. mmbrio_pk_abc123abc123) at
  4. Now you are done with MMBR.IO account set up.


  1. Login to your Moodle site as an 'admin' user.
  2. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins. Choose Plugin type 'Enrolment method (enrol)'.
  3. Go to (https://...admin/settings.php?section=manageenrols) Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins > Enable 'MMBR.IO' from list.
  4. Click 'Settings' which will lead to the settings page of the plugin.
  5. Paste your Foxtrot Public key (eg. mmbrio_pk_abc123abc123), choose a currency and Save changes.
  6. Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories > Edit (the course you want) > Edit > More… > Users > Enrolment methods
  7. Add method 'MMBR.IO' from the dropdown. Set enrolment option, price, and currency. Click Add method when done.
  8. Now you are done with Moodle site and course set up. Users can login to the Moodle site and view the course after a successful payment.

In detail

The step-by-step installation instructions will guide you through the part of getting the plugin installed on your Moodle installation and pairing your Moodle server to your MMBR.IO account..

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