Course monetization Earn money from your Moodle™ courses.

Foxtrot allows you to easily add fee and tuition collection to your existing online Moodle courses.

Why use Foxtrot by MMBR.IO?

Problem: Since Moodle and it's plugins are open source projects and they are not isolated from each other, an issue of security arises. This isn't to say Moodle™ has a problem. Rather, a Moodle server may be located on servers or systems which are insecure, and where plugins could potentially pose a risk to other plugins, especially one that handles financial transactions directly or sensitive customer information. For this reason you would not want the plugin itself doing any financial transaction or maintaining any customer sensitive data.

Solution: MMBR.IO (completely separate from a Moodle server) will be handle all the financial transactions and customer data securely, and then notify the Foxtrot plugin (on the Moodle server) that the transaction was successful (or not) and to enrol or maintain the enrolment of the student.

Things you'll need

  1. You'll need a Moodle™ server and ability to install 3rd party plug-ins.
  2. A MMBR.IO account.
    1. Create a MMRB.IO account
    2. Verify your email
    3. Sign into your account and enter your financial payout info
  3. The Moodle-approved Foxtrot plug-in:


The step-by-step installation instructions will guide you through the part of getting the plugin file and installing it onto the Moodle server. Nothing is required outside the scope of the Moodle server at this point.


The step-by-step configuration instructions will guide you through the part of pairing your Moodle server to your MMBR.IO account.