Course monetization Earn money from your Moodle™ courses.

Prerequisites 1. You'll need a Moodle™ server and ability to install 3rd party plug-ins. 2. A Foxtrot MMBR.IO account verified for payouts. 3. The Moodle-approved Foxtrot enrolment plug-in. Download

The Moodle™ approved plugin will handle enrolments. A guest to your Moodle site may create a user account and then choose to enrol in a course… this is where Foxtrot comes in. Foxtrot will, when configured, prompt the user to make a one-time payment or pay monthly. One-time and monthly payments are settings you control at the course level.


Once you have a Moodle server and course you wish to monetize:

  1. Sign into your Moodle server with a user with admin rights – you're going to install a plug-in.
  2. Go to the Site administration (…/admin/search.php)
  3. Go to Plugins > Install plugins
  4. Click the Install plugin from the ZIP file and select the file you downloaded earlier.