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 +====== Foxtrot • Pairing • Part 2 of 3 ======
 +** Prerequisites ** 
 +  - You've completed the steps in Installation (Part 1)
 +=== Key Pairing (Part 2) ===
 +Once you have a Moodle server and course you wish to monetize (the follow steps are performed in your Moodle installation):​
 +  - [[https://​​foxtrot/​moodles| Sign into MMBR.IO ]] and create (if you haven'​t already) a Foxtrot "​Teacher"​ account. Your teacher name can be anything you like, this won't show up anywhere other than in your MMBR.IO account. Click Submit when ready. **Note: this "​Teacher name" can only be changed by contacting the MMBR.IO Help Desk.** <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​30.png?​linkonly|1}}</​btn>​
 +  - All your Moodles (Moodle integrations) will appear here. If you have none, click "New moodle"​ <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​32.png?​linkonly|2}}</​btn>​
 +  - Enter in required details and click submit. **Note: this "​Teacher name" can only be changed by contacting the MMBR.IO Help Desk.** <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​33.png?​linkonly|3}}</​btn>​
 +  - Copy the Public Key (eg. mmbrio_pk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and paste it into the corresponding field in your Moodle site. <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​34.png?​linkonly|4}}</​btn>​
 +  - Sign into your Moodle site and go to Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​40.png?​linkonly|5a}}</​btn><​btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​41.png?​linkonly|5b}}</​btn>​
 +  - Enable the plug (make it visible) <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​42.png?​linkonly|6}}</​btn>​
 +  - Once the MMBR.IO plugin is visible click "​settings"​ <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​43.png?​linkonly|7}}</​btn>​
 +  - Paste the Public key you copied from step 4. into the appropriate box and click Save changes. <btn type="​default"​ size="​sm"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-picture">​{{popup>:​foxtrot:​44.png?​linkonly|8}}</​btn>​
 +=== Part 2 finished! You've paired your Moodle site to your MMBR.IO account. ===
 +Now go to [[foxtrot:​configuration|Configuration (Part 3)]] to set up pricing and other options.
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