Tango • Partnerships

This page is intended for Partners – those who have an active subscription to a website with Partners enabled

  • Creators – own Sites (websites). Creators define the protected pages, create and price plans.
  • Partners - promote the Creator's Site through SharePass or the unique promotion link.
  • Subscribers - register or pay for access to the Creator's Site, sometime being introduced through a Partners promotion link or SharePass.


  • Commission on subscriptions
  • Partnership earnings
  • Your unique promotional link


  • Name and plan of a purchased subscription
  • Purchase date
  • Status of subscription
  • Manual Payouts. Request money from your commissions anytime.

If your bank account is in a different Country from your Partner, payout funds will have a currency conversion.


View payment history and status, if pending or complete. Payments typically reach your bank account within 48 hours.


View all purchased within your MMBR.io account. These can include paid subscriptions and gifted ones.

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