This page is intended for Partners – those who have an active subscription to a website with Partners enabled

To begin earning a commission by sharing pages and content from the website you're a subscriber to. Share to facebook, twitter, email, or otherwise. When someone uses the link you've shared, Paywallz will associate that person (and a commission) with you if they become a subscriber within 30 days from your share. There is an additional article specifically on sharing.

Partner commissions

How can a Partner earn a commission?

  1. First of all, only Partners earn commissions. You can see if you're a partner by signing into the Dashboard and looking for a Partner badge below the site name. You'll be able to see the commission rate in the Partnerships tab.
  2. The referral must have a recurring subscription to the same site as the partner.
  3. The referral must have either registered you as the referrer, or it was done automatically through a SharePass.

Are you a Partner?

  1. Click Purchases
  2. Click Edit for the appropriate subscription
  3. Look at the two lines which show the referral commission rate and duration, this is important
    • The Referral commission rate is the percentage you'll earn from the subscription of the person you've referred. eg. If your referral becomes subscriber to a $10/month plan, you'd earn $2.50.
    • The Share pass duration is related to when you Share a page (URL) to someone using the widget on a Protected page. The duration is how long the normally protected page is accessible without a subscription or Paywallz account. The duration begins when you “send” the share pass, not when the recipient clicks the link.

Don't see your referrals?

Make sure your referrals know to enter you as their referrer. Here are instructions for your referrals to set the referrer and get them their earned commission.

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