This page is intended for Partners – those who have an active subscription to a website with Partners enabled

Here you will see all the details related to the active (subscribing) Partnership of a specific site.

  • eg. You are a subscriber to and you refer your friend Jane to the website where she too becomes a subscriber. You will continue to earn a recurring commission (whatever the Creator has originally set) from Janes subscription.


The percentage is “set” to the plan of the bundle of the Creator's site. The Creator can set it from 1-50%.


Commissions earned by the subscribing partner are paid out within 2 days of a subscription renewal. You must enter your banking information to receive any commissions.

The promotional link may be used by the subscriber to gain subscribing referrals. eg. a Partner may post the promotional link “” on Facebook or Twitter to attract their existing social networks to the site.

When someone visits the URL of the promotional link, a cookie is stored on that users device which will automatically pair you as the referrer.

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