This page is intended for Subscribers – those who have a subscription to a website using MMBR

To reactivate a subscription:

Step 1: Sign into your

Step 2: Click Tango (if not already selected)

Step 3: Click Purchases

Step 4: Click the box Show inactive purchases to put a checkmark in it

Step 5: Click Edit for the purchase (subscription) you wish to reactivate

Step 6: Do you see a Reactivate subscription button in your account?


Step 7: Confirm by clicking Reactivate subscription


Step 7: - Click Account if Reactivate subscription is not available and you see the following, continue…

Step 8: Click Add a credit card to add a new card

Step 9: Enter the details, set it as active/default, and delete the old card.

Step 10: Go back to Step 4…

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