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 +===== Subscriptions (Purchases) =====
 +You can manage your subscriptions from the Purchases tab on the MMBR dashboard.
 +==== Cancel ====
 +You may [[subscriptions:​cancel|cancel your subscription]] at any time. MMBR does not offer refunds. If you feel you are an exception, you may contact the Creator directly and arrange or request a refund.
 +==== Reactivate ====
 +You may [[subscriptions:​reactivate|reactivate a subscription]] that lapsed or was intentionally cancelled at any time with a valid credit card.
 +==== Switch ====
 +You may [[subscriptions:​switch|switch from one bundle/plan to another]]. Many Creators offer different plans and bundles to suit different kinds of subscribers,​ find one that best suits you.
 +{{ :​tango:​purchases:​tango-purchases-1.png?​nolink&​800 |}}
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