This page is intended for Subscribers – those who have a subscription to a website using MMBR

Everything about a particular active purchase is shown here. The name of the bundle you're subscribed to and the description which is set by the Creator.


This is defining the amount, currency, and interval of your subscription.

Referral commission

This percentage is set by the Creator. The rate is calculated from the total amount of the subscription price. eg. if you, a Partner, are subscribed to a plan that pays out a 25% commission and you have a referral that is subscribed to a $25 plan of the same site, you would earn $6.25.

Note: there are fees with every purchase but in the case of commissions for Partners, the fees are passed along to the Creator.

Share pass duration

Share pass duration is how long a Share will remain usable. This duration is set by the Creator and tied to a bundle/plan. Some plans that the Creator has made may have longer or shorter Share pass durations.

Who referred you?

If you know the person who referred you to the site you have an active purchase (subscription) to, you may give them credit for their referral here. Just enter the email address of the person who referred you and MMBR will associate your purchase with them and automatically pass on the earned commission to them.

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