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This page is intended for Creators – those who own websites and wish to use Tango to protect pages and content on their website.

Here is where, as a Creator, you'll enter your website details and how you want MMBR to protect the content you specify.


Summary is the information relating to your site.


These are the pages that MMBR will protect. When you create a plan, you can choose to protect the page as defined here, and/or to protect subpages.


Create a Plan for your website. You decide the type (one-time or recurring monthly and annually), name of plan, price and access duration.


Ask subscribers up to three questions at purchase time. These questions are optional and answers may be amended at any time.


View all your customers by email address, Plan, purchase date and status. As well as expired and failed subscriptions. Cancel a customer account as the Creator if you choose.


Partners (in the Sites section) are subscribers to a Creators website who are able to earn a commission from their referrals. These partners earn commissions by one of four ways:


View all payment activity as they are processed.


Gift access to your plans via email.

  1. Tango > Sites > Gifts
  2. Enter email address and a message. Send
  3. The gift will appear as pending until it has been accepted. Then it will appear as accepted.


Add the Tango widget to your website by simply pasting the code into your website’s HTML (just before the </head> tag). Banking information within your account must be verified for the Tango widget to work.

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