This page is intended for Creators – those who own websites and wish to use Tango to protect pages and content on their website.

Here is where, as a Creator, you'll enter your website details and how you want MMBR to protect the content you specify.

If you have entered your financial information

If you are ready to enter site details you'll see this, and an Add site button indicating you can proceed:

Adding a site page 1 of 4

Adding a site page 2 of 4

Adding a site page 3 of 4

Adding a site page 4 of 4

If you have not entered your financial information yet

If you do not have your entered your financial information provided yet, you'll see the following, and a Get started button which will take you to the Account > Financial page where you'll have to first enter your financial details, which will get verified, and then you can create your site:

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