Website monetization. Earn money from content on your website.

Tango is a free plug-in for your website that lets you protect content, turn visitors into members, and—if you like—earn money from your subscribers. It's like a Paywall but has great features for sharing and marketing commissions.

There are four sections to the TANGO dashboard:


The HUD, or “heads up display” is what visitors and members will see on a Creators website once the MMBR code snippet has been installed. Click here to see an example of the HUD. The HUD, once a user is signed in, will allow the user to share (email, facebook, twitter) any page the HUD appears. This is widget/button on the bottom or top of your website that will let your visitors Sign In and get access to protected access. Things you can do with the HUD are:

  • Register for an account (to the Creators website)
  • Share a page or temporarily give access to someone
  • Check your MMBR.IO account settings


Purchases are the list of subscriptions and one-time purchases. The default view display's on the active purchases but by checking “Show inactive purchases” you'll see all the purchases you've ever made. Things you can do on the Purchase page are:

  • Summary
  • Cancel
  • Reactivate
  • Switch plans


Creators may have plans that enable Partners. Partners can earn a commission from referrals that also become subscribers to the same Creator as the Partner. Things you can do on the Partnerships page are:

  • Summary
  • Referrals
  • Payments
  • Marketplace


This is where the Creators website is defined. The URL, the pages that are to be protected, subscription prices, etc. Things you can do on the Sites page are:

  • Summary
  • Pages
  • Bundles
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Payments
  • Gifts
  • Installation
  • Zapier
  • Marketplace
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